Keep an Eye Masterclasses
Seminar ‘Artist in Business’
October 13th 2019 10 am – 6 pm
Conservatorium van Amsterdam  <<

A full day of unique workshops for artists and musicians. About how to forward your entrepreneurial skills and better market your product. With special guests: Fay Claassen & Lenette van Dongen!

Organized by the Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival in collaboration with the Keep an Eye Foundation, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. This seminar will be held in English!

What are you going to do this day?
As an artist you want to explore and master all the possibilities that the business side of cultural entrepreneurship has to offer.  You can choose two business workshops of your preference and learn tips and tricks from our professional guest lecturers in a fun, light and interactive way.

When and where?
October 13th 2019
10 am – 6 pm
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Oosterdokskade 151, 1011 DL Amsterdam


  • Online music streaming: How do you earn money from music streaming? What is the best way to stream your music and how does financial transparency work? Which platforms exist for your genre? What is the use of streaming and how do you earn money with it? What does a hit actually deliver and what is the best tactic? Marius van Reeuwijk explains to you what the possibilities are and what the steps can be to stream your own music.
    Lecturer: Marius van Reeuwijk (Digital music streaming expert)
  • Career development: How do you see yourself as an artist in business? How do you optimise your talents to guarantee stability in your work field? How do you cope with criticism, insecurities and pressure in everyday artist life? What does it take to stay motivated, focussed and professional in a competitive industry? This workshop is about becoming aware of your own possibilities, strengths and challenges.
    Lecturer: Anne van Rijn (Performing artist/Coach for artists and creative entrepreneurs)
  • Crowdfunding: If you have an idea or want to finance a performance, start a crowdfunding campaign! Buthow exactly do you do that? And what do you need to reach your final goal? How do you determine the right budget, what do you come up with for a campaign? And who do you contact to help you achieve your final goal? How do you set up a crowdfunding campaign from start to finish? How do you reach your audience and which audience do you want to give your attention to? In this workshop you will go through all the steps you need to set up a successful campaign.
    Lecturer: Alyssa Mahler (Crowdfunding @VoordeKunst)
  • Pitch and present: So what is your story? How do you present yourself as an artist? What sets you apart from other artists in the same field as you? It’s your story! That is what makes you unique and will be an important reason people choose you. It is what makes you special. Can you present yourself short and to the point and ‘sell’ yourself in a competitive environment? To be able to pitch yourself as an artist you need to know WHAT to sell and HOW to do that. In this interactive workshop you will be handed tools to write your own elevator pitch and learn ways to present yourself in a professional manner.
    Lecturers: Astrid Rose (Head of Communications & Marketing Conservatorium van Amsterdam) & Dalida de Graaf (Senior Project Manager DPG Media)
  • Press release: How do you make an interesting text about your own performance? What tone of voice suits you? What style makes your text exciting and sellable? And which press release do you use for different audiences/goals? In this workshop you learn tips and tricks about creating your own press release.
    Lecturer: Anouk Kragtwijk (Journalist @NRC)
  • Press Photo: What makes an image interesting? Why is it so important to publicize a good image of yourself? What makes a press photo so important and why especially do we need to brand ourselves these days through images? In this workshop we talk about the importance of images. Why do some images get selected by editors of magazines/newspapers while others do not? Which pictures can you use socially and which pictures are suitable for your business?
    Lecturer: Anne van Zantwijk (Freelance photographer)


Impression Seminar ‘Artist in Business’ 2018. Photography by Jaap Reedijk

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