Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival presents

Seminar Artist in Business
In collaboration with Keep an Eye Foundation & Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Sunday October 10th 2021
10.00 – 17.00 <<

Are you an artist, performing artist or musician?
Do you want to improve your business skills and learn how to better market yourself and your work? Apply now, for this day full of interesting talks, workshops and more.

This 4th edition of the Seminar Artist in Business will take place at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Keep an Eye Foundation keeps an eye on promising, young artists, musicians and creatives so that these talents have the opportunity to hatch their ‘golden’ eggs.

What’s in it for you?
As an artist you want to explore and master all the possibilities that the business side of cultural entrepreneurship has to offer. Today you can choose two business workshops to your preference and learn tips and tricks from our professional guest teachers in a fun, light and interactive way.

Together with pros in the field you can aim to learn more in the following workshops:
– Pitch & Present
– Crowdfunding

– Digital Mindset
– Concept Development
– Cre8tive Revolution


Astrid Rose is Head of Communications and Marketing at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where she also teaches presentation skills to students. With an education in marketing and a background in the music and entertainment industry, she has gained knowledge and experience in presenting a strong story and successfully interacting with the media. Astrid worked as a product manager at the renowned Blue Note label, a creative manager for the famous international pop group CH!PZ and as an artist manager at The Entertainment Group. With her company RoseFountain, she helps companies and individuals with presenting their story in the best possible way.

So what is your story?
How do you present yourself as an artist? What sets you apart from other artists in the same field as you? It’s your story! That is what makes you unique and will be an important reason people choose you. It is what makes you special.

Can you present yourself short and to the point and ‘sell’ yourself in a competitive environment? Do you know how to really connect with your audience? To be able to pitch yourself as an artist you need to know WHAT to sell and HOW to do that, but most importantly, WHY you do what you do. In this interactive workshop you will be handed tools to write your own elevator pitch and learn ways to present yourself in a professional manner.


Laura Meeuwesse is a project supervisor at Voordekunst. Laura graduated as a graphic designer but she found out that she rather helps the creator than create herself!

Voordekunst gives advice and guides crowdfunding campaigns for the creative sector. This helps the makers to reach their goals! Backers can contribute directly and easily through our websiteto the project of their choice. With small and large donations from individuals and companies, voordekunst has successfully financed more than 2000 projects.

Crowdfunding starts with a good idea. An idea that you like to talk about. Because although many people think that funding is central, we now know better: It is all about the crowd, for support, for the public. Of course you raise money with your campaign, but increasing your visibility and telling your story are also important results!


Marius van Reeuwijk is a digital music streaming expert. He runs MVSEI Music Group, where he provides distribution and label services for artists and labels. Next to online promotion (Spotify Plugger), Artist & Brand Development and Social Media Campaigns around releases he also does fan management for artists and labels.

Digital Mindset
In his lecture Marius returns to talk about your mindset in all things digital. What is it that you want to do in the short and long term? What are your roles in all things digital? What  kind of mindset can you use to achieve your goals


Wendy van Os is a freelance creative producer and event director. Wendy graduated from the Academy of Theater and Dance in 2017, in the field of Production Performing Arts. After her education she started working as a cultural programmer at Pllek in Amsterdam. In addition, she developed a campaign and program for the 1945 National Commemoration Foundation and was creative producer and director of the Talk Show of the Dutch Theater Festival. She was also the concept maker of the Lowlands program for The School of Life. She currently works for AHK Ondernemen as a program coordinator and is the creative producer of a starting theater tour of The School of Life.

Concept development
In this workshop you will learn to develop your creative idea into a complete concept. We start by describing your mission. We then link this mission to your working method, audience, revenue model and your desired image. You will discover tools to make every link in your organization part of your bigger story.


De Randamie, known as a hip-hop artist under the name Blaxtar, is founder of Braenworks Academy, a business school for creative professionals. Kevin started off as hiphop-artist Blaxtar. Two decades later, Kevin has built careers in the music and entertainment industry, education and entrepreneurship.

Kevin’s experiences across many domains fed into the vision of Cre8tiveRevolution, a movement that wants to unlock creativity in all layers of society. On this vision, he also gave a TED talk entitled “Calling for a Creative Revolution” which has been viewed thousands of times worldwide.

Cre8tive revolution
How to balance a creative spirit and a business mindset. Some might say that being a professional has to do with how you present yourself. That’s partially true. The Cre8tiveRevolution philosophy is based on research that indicates that what you believe about yourself dictates your career.

Who owns your time? What do you say yes or no to? How do you make sure you have enough work, but not more than you can handle?

You’ll find answers to these questions and more during the Cre8tiveRevolution workshop, hosted by artist-entrepreneur Kevin ‘Blaxtar’ de Randamie. “

Full program

09.30 – 10.00
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10.00 – 11.00
Mijke van Wijk interview Paulien Cornelisse and Tony Roe

11.00 – 13.00
Workshops (choose 1 out of 5)


14.00 – 16.00
Workshops (choose 1 out of 5)

16.00 – 17.00
Borrel and meeting one another

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